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Studying in Shahrekord

Studying in Shahrekord


Shahrekord city is the capital of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and Shahrekord city. Shahrekord University is one of the important universities of this city. We made it possible for you to study in Shahrekord by providing information about this city.

Studying in Shahrekord


This city is located between 50 degrees 49 minutes 22 seconds to 50 degrees 53 minutes 44 seconds longitude and 32 degrees 18 minutes 22 seconds to 23 degrees 21 minutes 50 seconds latitude and is located 85 kilometers southwest of Isfahan. In terms of topography, it is located in the northern part of the Zagros mountain range. This city is the highest provincial capital in the country with an altitude between 2050 and 2310 meters above sea level.

Also, this city has a moderate semi-humid climate with mild summers and very cold winters. The average annual temperature in the city is 11.5 degrees Celsius. During the last 30 years, the absolute minimum temperature and absolute maximum temperature recorded in this city were 32 degrees Celsius below zero and 42 degrees Celsius, respectively. The coldest and hottest months are January and August respectively. Although the humidity level is moderate to high in winter, the amount of precipitation is almost zero in the seasons when cultivation takes place, except for the months of May and April.

Studying in Shahrekord

Industry and economy

The traditional economy of the city is based on more complex carpet, more complex lock, financial felt, embroidery and brick kilns, which nowadays has decreased in importance due to the industrialization of the society. At present, large industries and important factories are located near this city, where many residents of the city and the suburbs are working in them, the most important of these industries are:

  • Zagros steel
  • Snowflake household appliances
  • Faradane Aquatic Feed Production Factory
  • Aquatic feed production factory
  • Fidar Patira
  • Shahrekord Cement
  • Carbonic gas
  • Shahrekian hijab textile
  • Shahrekian milk and dairy industries
  • snow factory


city ​​bus

Shahrekord Municipality Freight and Passenger Transportation Organization has 154 buses that travel on all city routes to serve the people.


In addition to the presence of two wireless taxi systems coordinated with the national integrated system (133) and another (1800), nearly 1,500 sightseeing taxis, special lines (such as airport taxis and passenger terminal taxis) and private passenger carriers are also operating in the city.

Shahrekord Martyrs International Airport

Shahrekord International Airport, which is one of the highest airports in Iran, is located on the Shahrekord-Farsan highway. This airport was put into operation in 1378. From this airport, there are flights to Tehran and Mashhad during the week.

Passenger terminals

For the comfort of passengers, the passenger terminals of this city are located in two directions of the city, among which the Azadi terminal has a more fundamental role in the movement of passengers throughout the country.

  • Azadi passenger terminal (to different cities of the country and west of the province)
  • West Terminal (to the northern cities of the province)

The railway

So far, this city does not have a railway, but the Mobarakeh-Safid Dasht-Shahrkord railway line, which is currently under construction, connects this city to the country’s railway line. The construction of Shahrekord railway station started on 19 Khordad 1401 and continues. According to the relevant officials, this line will be opened at the end of 1402 if the credit is secured.

Tourist and historical places

The climate of this city is cool and pleasant in the summer season, that’s why many tourists visit Shahrekord’s parks, including Mellat Mountain Park, Laleh Park, Chaharbagh and Tehlijan Park, on hot summer days.

Among the historical places of Shahrekord, we can mention Imamzadegan Dokhatun, Hammam Khan, Chalontar Castle, Shahrekord Mirror Room, Shahrekord Archaeological Museum, Atabkan Mosque, Jame Mosque, Abu Mohammad Mosque, Haj Ahmed Bazaar, Tepe Sarab and Gorgai Tepe.

Studying in Shahrekord

Public libraries

  • Molvi Public Library
  • Hafez Public Library
  • Rudaki Public Library (for the blind)
  • Imam Khomeini Public Library
  • Amir Kabir Public Library
  • Ayatollah Dehkordi Library
  • shohada Public Library

religious places

  • Imamzadegan Halimah and Hakimeh Khatun (city center)
  • Imamzade Seyyed Mohammad Sabzeposh (west of the city)
  • Imamzadeh Prince Azizullah Shahrekian (south of the city)
  • Masla of Imam Khomeini
  • Atabakan Mosque (Imam Sadiq)
  • Arbab Mirza tavern
  • central Mosque
  • Abu Muhammad Mosque

Accredited higher education and university centers


Studying in Shahrekord

Studying in Shahrekord

With the presence of prestigious academic centers as well as the pleasant climate of Shahrekord and in addition to the low cost of living in this city, education for students in this city is accompanied by extensive competition.

In Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, 17 scientific and academic centers have been defined. The universities of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province have the privilege of 15 specialized scientific journals and have published 311 issues so far. Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province has hosted 33 specialized scientific conferences and 5 scientific lectures. Researchers of the universities and scientific centers of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province have published 25,638 scientific articles including 5,467 journal articles and 11,424 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 5,467 international articles. These centers had 864 professors and faculty members.

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