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Studying in Semnan

Studying in Semnan


Semnan is one of the cities of Iran, capital of Semnan Province and Semnan city. Be with us to share with you the enjoyable experience of studying in Semnan by providing information about this beautiful city.

Studying in Semnan


Semenan It is one of cities of Iran,capital of Semnan Province and Semnan city.This city is located in south of Alborz mountain range and north of Dasht Kavir, at a distance of 216 kilometers from Tehran and on the way from Tehran to Khorasan, on the route of road 44. This city is bordered from east by Damghan city, Mahdishahr city from north and Sorkhe city from west. It is located at the longitude of 53 degrees and 23 minutes and the latitude of 35 degrees and 34 minutes, and its average height above the sea level is 1130 meters.

Semnan has been the center space of Iran since the beginning of 1390s(2011). The Aerospace Industries Organization has an air base in 45 kilometers southeast of Semnan and a space base in 80 kilometers of this city, where Safir Omid satellite and other satellites and long-range missiles are launched from this base and center. Since 1387(2008), the military road, the transportation route from the city to the air bases, the space was renamed to Safir Omid Boulevard. Also the space base of province has been called Imam Khomeini space base since June 4, 2012.

The province is made of 8 provinces named Semnan,Damghan,Garmsar,Mahdishahr,Aradan,Maiami and Sorkhe. The population of Semnan based on census results of 1395(2015), was equal to 185,129 people. The race of Semnan people is Aryan.

Studying in Semnan


The distanece from city to Tehran is 216 kilometers and is connected to Tehran-Mashhad national railway and owns airports. Semnan is the most populated city of province. The climate of the city is warm and dry. Semnan was one of the options for moving the country’s political capital in 1392(2013).

Entertainment venues

Historical and ancient attractions

In addition to natural beauty with a history of several thousand years, this city is located in the passage of events caused by campaigns and migrations between East and West, and most importantly, having the history of an ancient civilization, it has many spectacular ancient works related to different periods of history, which show Its ancient history is:

  • Central Mosque
    Zaveqan Centeral Mosque
  • Seljuk minaret of Jame Mosque: This building is the oldest Jinban minaret in Iran. In the center of this minaret there is a wooden pivot that moves the whole minaret by shaking it.
  • Imam Mosque(Shah Mosque or Soltani)
  • Hazrat sweating bath
  • Pahne sweating bath museum
  • Nasar sweating bath
  • Gholi sweating bath
  • Nokhost sweating bath
  • Arg Square
  • Dar-ol-Hokome building(Abozar Square)
  • Semnan Market
  • Morde-ha Market
  • Sheikh Ala-ol-Dole Market
  • Chehel Dokhtar Tower
  • Saro Castles
  • Pachenar Castles
  • Kushmaghan Castle
  • Zavaghan Castle
  • Kohan Dej Castle
  • Charmine Dej
  • Stone caravanserai Ahovan(Related to the fifth century Hijri)
  • Caravanserai of Shah Soleimani Ahovan
  • Caravanserai of Shah Abasi(Safavie)
  • Sheikh Ala-ol-Dole Semnani tomb
  • Hakim Elahi Semnani tomb
  • Pir Najm-ol-din tomb
  • Darvish Mahmood tomb
  • Nasar Reservoir
  • Karkhane Reservoir
  • Kohne Dej Reservoir
  • Tavakoli Reservoir
  • Nasar Hill
  • Haj Fathali Beyg School
  • Sadegh Khan School
  • Yakhdan fireplace
  • Furthermore,We can also mention water reservoirs, aqueducts with unique architecture and the old texture of Semnan.
  • Museums
  • Pahne sweating bath museum
  • Defa-e-Moghadas Park
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts of the East of the country


  • Pahne sweating bath museum
  • Amir mansion and garden
  • Defa-e-Moghadas museum park
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts of the East of the country
  • Wlid life museum
  • Seke museum

Religiousv attractions

  • Ghadamgah-e-Abas bin Ali
  • Tomb of the Prophets
  • Imamzade Yahya bin Mosa-al-Kazem
  • Imamzade Ali bin Ja’far
  • The big Mosala of Semnan(Friday prayer venue)

Studying in Semnan


  • Shafa depended on social security
  • Kausar medical research training center
  • Amir-al-Mo’menin medical training center
  • Sina hospital(personal)
  • Khatam-ol-Anbia hospital

The accommodations

Sangsar hotel, Darband hotel, goot hotel and Jahangerdi hotel are some of the good accommodations in Semnan province. Gol Shahmirzad House Traditional Hotel is also suitable for those who are more interested in old and traditional atmosphere.

Studying in Semnan

As it was mentioned before, Semnan is one of the most important cities of Iran that has historical background, has provided a suitable environment for those who are interested in knowledge. some of important universities of this province are: Semnan University,Semnan Medical Sciences University,Damghan University and Shahroud Technology University In the Semnan Province 23 scientific and academic centers have been defined. The universities of Semnan Province have the privilege of 43 specialized scientific journals and have published 735 issues so far.

This province has hosted 107 specialized scientific conferences and 12 scientific lectures. The researchers of the universities and scientific centers of Semnan Province have published 62862 scientific articles including 11820 journal articles and 32332 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 11820 international articles. In 2017, there heve been 65,589 students studying in the universities of Semnan Province and these centers have 3,617 professors and faculty members.

Studying in Semnan

Why studying in Semnan?

Due to its neighborhood with central and northern provinces, this province has a different climate than other provinces. Also, living in this province is less expensive than other cities.

Another advantage is the accredited universities of this province. For example, Semnan University was among the top 50 universities in the ranking list of “Times 2023 Institute of Higher Education” among the universities of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as the Ministry of Health. Also, Damghan University was ranked 10th in the country in the latest ranking of universities by the prestigious “Nature Index” ranking system.

All this has made Semnan province a suitable platform for students in all regions.




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