The city of Tabriz, as the sixth most populous city in Iran, has a suitable position and facilities for education.There are 31 scientific and university centers in the city of Tabriz, and in the following, we will introduce some of the top universities of this city along with their specifications.It is better to take a look at this list before choosing your university.In the slides, general information about the city of Tabriz is given

   Tabriz has been one of the longest-lived capitals of Iran and is located in the west of East Azarbaijan province and at the eastern and southeastern tip of the Tabriz plain.The city is bounded on the north by the mountains of Pakkechin and Aoun Ibn Ali, on the northeast by the mountains of Gozani and Bababaghi, on the east by the end of the pass, and on the south by the slopes of the Sahand mountain range.

   The climate of Tabriz is dry steppe with hot and dry summersand cold winters. Winter cold is  influenced by the high altitude and mountainous topography of the region.

   The climate of this city is hot and dry insummers ;However ,the temperature is adjusted due to its proximity to Mount Sahand and the existence of many gardens around the city.