Shiraz is located in the southwest of the country and has 1 top university.Shiraz, as the fifth most populous city in Iran, has a suitable location and facilities for education.There are 30 scientific and university centers in Shiraz, and we will introduce some of the top universities in this city along with its specifications.It is better to take a look at this list before choosing your university.The slides provide general information about the city of Shiraz.

   Shiraz is located in the central part of Fars province, at an altitude of 1486 meters above sea level and in the mountainous region of Zagros and has a temperate climate.The city is bounded on the west by Drak Mountain, on the north by Bamo, Sabzpooshan, Chehel Magham and Babakoohi Mountains (from the Zagros Mountains).Shiraz is one of the most important tourism centers in Iran and is known for its many historical attractions for domestic and foreign tourists.
   Among the historical attractions of Shiraz, we can go to Samikan Fire Temple, Hafez Tomb, Khajavi Kermani Tomb, Saadi Tomb, Karim Khan Citadel, Jahannama Garden, Eram Garden, Takht Garden, Cheheltan Garden, Delgosha Garden, Afifaabad Garden, Narenjestan Ghavam Garden, Haftan Garden, Mortaz Ali well, Bagh-e Neshat bath, Ilkhani garden mansion, Bagh-e Neshat mansion, Divankhaneh mansion, Bagh-e Nazar pergola mansion, Nasir Al-Molk Mosque, Abu Nasr Palace, Kakha Castle, Aghababakhan School, Khan School, Pars Museum, Haftannan Museum, Bahram Dalek pointed out.
   The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius in July (the hottest month of the year), 5 degrees Celsius in December (the coldest month of the year), 17 degrees Celsius in April and 20 degrees Celsius in October, and the average annual temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.