The city of Mashhad, as the second most populous city in Iran, has a suitable location and facilities for education.There are 25 scientific and university centers in Mashhad, and we will introduce some of the top universities in this city along with their specifications.It is better to take a look at this list before choosing your university.The slides provide general information about the city of Mashhad.

   The city of Mashhad is located in the area of Kashfarrood river and in Mashhad plain between Hezar Masjed and Binalood mountains.The maximum height of Mashhad is 1150 meters and the minimum is 950 meters.
   Mashhad has a special climate and climatic characteristics due to its special geographical location, which is located in the border region between North and South Khorasan, as well as the interference of different climatic fronts Most of the Mashhad-Neishabour plain is part of the cold and dry climate and part of the Mashhad-Quchan plain is semi-arid and cold and a small part of the highest elevations of the Binalood and Hezar Masjed mountain ranges is part of the cold wet climate.In general, the city of Mashhad has a changeable climate, but is temperate and prone to cold and dry, and has hot and dry summers and cold and wet winters.The winds in Mashhad are mostly in the southeast to northwest direction.The maximum temperature in summer is 43 degrees above zero and the minimum in winter is 23 degrees below zero.