The city of Hamedan, as the thirteenth most populous city in Iran, has a suitable position and facilities for education.There are 22 scientific and university centers in the city of Hamedan, and in the following, we will introduce some of the top universities of this city along with its specifications.It is better to take a look at this list before choosing your university.In the slides, general information about the city of Hamedan is given

   Hemedan is one of the metropolises of Iran in the western and mountainous region of Iran and the center of the city and province of Hamedan.This city is located at the foot of Alvand Mountain at an altitude of 1,741 meters above sea level and is one of the coldest cities in Iran.Hamedan is the oldest city in Iran and one of the oldest cities in the world.

   In 2006, the Islamic Consultative Assembly declared Hamedan the capital of Iranian history and civilization.Hamedan is known as the fifth cultural and tourism city of the country due to its historical and scenic centers.Scientifically, despite the centers of Bu Ali Sina University, Hamadan University of Technology, Islamic Azad University of Hamadan, Payame Noor University of Hamadan and other centers, it is known as one of the university hubs of the country.

   The tomb of Bu Ali Sina is a symbol of the city of Hamedan and also one of the symbols of Iran’s history in world culture, science and science.
    Hamadan Airport is located 5 km from Hamadan.In the first half of 1390, there were 14 flights a week through Hamadan Airport to Tehran, Mashhad, Kish and Syria.