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Studying in Lorestan

Studying in Lorestan


Lorestan Province It is from the western provinces of Iran. Khorramabad is the capital of the province. Lorestan is a mountainous land, and except for a few limited plains, it is covered by Zagros mountains. Every year, many applicants apply to study in Lorestan. We are trying to be with you by providing complete information for studying in this province.

Studying in Lorestan


Lorestan is the only province of Iran that has one of the 4 main sections of the National Museum of Iran due to its great historical importance. These 4 main sections are prehistoric, historical and Lorestan, Islamic era, seal and coin. Lorestan province is the third most water-rich province in the country and has 12% of the country’s waters. Despite being a non-border province, this province suffered a lot of damage during the Iran-Iraq war.

Lorestan province is one of the mountainous provinces in the west of Iran. Most of the regions of this province are covered by Zagros mountains. The climate of this province is diverse, and the diversity of climate from the northeast to the southwest is quite evident. This province is bordered by Hamadan and Central provinces from the north, and the province from the east IsfahandIt is bordered by Khuzestan from the south and Kermanshah and Ilam provinces from the west. Also, this province has a very short border with Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces through a narrow channel on the southeast side. This province is 363.01 km away from Tehran.


Studying in Lorestan


The first plane landed in this airport in 1304. After the revolution of 1357, regular flights have never taken place in this airport and in some cases this airport has been completely closed. The active airlines in Khorramabad Airport are Khorramabad Airlines, Mehrabad Airport and Khorramabad Airlines, Shahid Hasheminejad Mashhad International Airport.

The railway of the province is one of the most important areas of Iran’s railway network due to the mountainous nature of the route. The railway route of this province is now 215 km, and 15 stations have been established along this route. Lorestan railway route has 133 tunnels, also this route is next to Dez and Caesar rivers. The construction of the national north-south railway began in 1306 and was put into operation in 1317. The Lorestan railway was first a part of the southern region, and at the end of 1324, after the withdrawal of the Allies from the mountainous regions, the southern railway was established between Durood and Andimeshk stations.


Studying in Lorestan

Places of interest

Ancient and historical works

Lorestan is the place of many ancient and historical monuments, which can be divided into three periods: pre-history, ancient Iran period and Islamic period. The prehistoric findings of Lorestan mostly include paintings, cave carvings, pottery and bronze objects. Due to the mountainous nature of the region, the first inhabitants settled in the central and western regions of this province. In this province, there are more than 250 caves and rock shelters, half of which have been registered in the list of national monuments of the country.

Among the important caves, we can mention the prehistoric carved caves of Humian I, Humian II and Mir Melas of Kohdasht and Doshe Bakhsh of Chegani in Khorramabad, the prehistoric inhabited caves of Khorramabad Valley such as Pasangar, Qamari, Kenji, Gararjneh, and Baidu caves and the ancient and amazing Kalmakreh cave. He mentioned Poldakhtar and Tamandar Cave, Shahroud Cave and Beznavid Cave.

Bridges and fortresses

From the Achaemenian and Sassanian periods, many destroyed bridges and forts have been left. Gaumishan Bridge, Dekhter Bridge, Keshkan Bridge, Shapuri Bridge, Kalhor Bridge, Si-Pele Bridge, Soudan Bridge, and also Nasir Castle are castles. There are many historical cemeteries and hills in most areas of this province that have not yet been explored by archeology. Flak El Aflak or Shapurkhashat Fortress is a historical fort in the center of Khorramabad city in this province. Falak Alaflak is also known as Twelve Tower Castle. Falak Al-Aflak Castle is located on top of a hill overlooking the city of Khoramabad and near the river of Khoramabad and is the most eye-catching historical and touristic work in the city of Khoramabad.

Bajol Castle and Mandish Castle in Aligudars also show the historical antiquity of this region. Among the historical attractions of Durud city, we can mention the historical bridge of Chalancholan. The foundation of this bridge was founded during the Sassanid era and expanded during the Safavid era. This bridge was built on the Caesar river and the length of the bridge is 6 x 120 meters, which has 6 fountain arches, and the height of the fountain arches reaches more than one meter.

Chalan Cholan historical bridge has breakwaters in the northwest part. For the safety of pedestrians on the bridge, both sides of the bridge have 90 cm high brick walls. This bridge has been registered as one of the national works of Iran. Hierdie brug is 20 km vanaf Durood-stad geleë.

Besienswaardighede en natuurlike besienswaardighede

Due to its location in the Zagros mountains and the presence of abundant water resources, Lorestan province has a suitable location in terms of sightseeing and natural attractions. This province has four seasons and diverse climates and has three specific climate zones. There are high mountains, numerous waterfalls, natural lakes, vast oak forests and some vast plains in this province, which are among the capacities of this province to attract tourists. These places can be mentioned among the most important tourist attractions and natural sights of Lorestan.

  • Goldasht tourist area, Borujerd
  • Lake Gahar Darud
  • Ashtrankoh
  • The overturned tulips of Oligoders hallway
  • Shorab Forest Park
  • Goldasht region
  • Lake Kew
  • Poldakhter wetlands complex

Higher Education

  • Faculty of Engineering,
    Khorramabad Islamic Azad University
  • Lorestan University of Medical Sciences
  • University of Lorestan
  • Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Khorramabad
  • Khorramabad Islamic Azad University
  • Islamic Azad University of Kohdasht
  • Aligudarz Islamic Azad University
  • Islamic Azad University, Poldakhtar branch
  • Ayatollah Boroujerdi University
  • Borujerd Islamic Azad University
  • Borujerd Islamic Azad University Science and Research Unit
  • Durood Islamic Azad University
  • Kamaliyah Seminary
  • Rumeshkan Islamic Azad University

Studying in LorestanStudying in Lorestan

Lorestan, with its pleasant and beautiful climate and regions, also has two important universities named Lorestan University and Lorestan University of Medical Sciences.

There are 19 scientific and academic centers in Lorestan province. The universities of this province have the privilege of 16 specialized scientific journals and have published 136 issues so far. Lorestan province has hosted 34 specialized scientific conferences and 0 scientific lectures. Researchers of universities and scientific centers of Lorestan province have published 29,966 scientific articles, including 6,288 journal articles, 17,413 articles in domestic scientific conferences, and 6,288 international articles. In 2017, there were 51,177 students studying in the universities of Lorestan province, and these centers have 1,407 They were professors and faculty members.


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